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Welcome to Mcleod’s British Cars. We have been in business for the last 40 years here in Maumelle, Arkansas. McLeod's started as a hobby when Ronnie McLeod was printing T-shirts for a living out of our warehouse. In the mid 70's Ronnie started buying and selling (not so old at the time) British Cars. He would buy one, fix it, and turn around and sell it. People that bought these cars would end up calling him for service later. When parts were becoming hard to find Ronnie started buying parts cars and using them to keep the customer cars on the road as well as fixing his own cars. In 1980 when all the dealers were closed there was only one business here in central Arkansas that carried parts. Ronnie saw an opportunity to offer more competitive prices than the other business and started getting in contact with importers and began carrying commonly needed parts. This enabled him to provide parts at a fair price and better service to the local british car community. From there the business expanded to what it is today with a warehouse that is stocked with almost everything that you could find in a Moss or VB warehouse and some things that very few people have. Over the years Ronnie has bought out other businesses that were closing their doors which has supplied us with an extensive stock of NOS parts. We also have approximately 400 cars here on site that are either for sale or are being parted out.

We aren’t a traditional car parts store front. Our inventory is constantly changing and growing, give us a call and see if we can help you locate your hard to find parts or help you through a problem with your car.

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