Ronnie McLeod


Ronnie is the owner and operator “volunteer” of McLeod’s British Cars. His other hobbies include embracing his Scottish heritage and throwing over the top parties. Ronnie has been playing with little British cars for over 40 years now. Other than owning a few hundred shop cars, he also owns nine personal English cars that you may see him running around in. Ronnie has owned many businesses over years, including a record store and an advertisement company. If you ever get a chance, ask Ronnie who Dr. Gonzo is.

1960 Austin Healey Sprite MK1
1962 MGA 1600
1958 Austin A35 estate
1971 MGB
1972 Spitfire
1966 Sunbeam Alpine
1970 Triumph TR6
1966 Triumph TR4
1961 Morgan +4
(These are just the ones that are tagged and insured)

Davis Sims


Davis is a Technician, webmaster, and internet salesman. Davis grew up around British cars. His parents owed a 74 MG Midget since new. After working at a few dealerships and finishing college Davis ended up working for McLeod’s to get internet sales and a web presence started. Since the shop is so busy, you will often find Davis working on a little British car in the shop

1974 MG Midget
1972 Triumph GT6

Vera McLeod


Vera McLeod is the CEO of McLeod’s British Cars. Vera has been putting up with Ronnie 42 years now. You will find her riding shotgun in whatever Ronnie is driving that day. Vera answers the phones on most days and can help you connect with the right person here.

Wayne King


Wayne is the main technician at McLeod’s. Before coming to McLeod’s Wayne spent 20 years working for a wrecking yard parting cars out, as well as fixing cars on the side. Wayne is an excellent mechanic and stays as far away from these little British cars as he can after 3:30pm Monday-Friday.