Triumph TR2 - TR3 Stanchion Plate Guides

Exclusively made and carried by McLeod’s British Cars, these are brand-new stainless steel stanchion plate windshield guides for TR2-3s. After a year of research and development we have made these guides that look and function just like the originals but will not wear out. These are made in the USA with United States’ stainless steel. We have both the screw and dezus type fasteners available. As far as we know these are not available anywhere else in the world and the used ones can tend to be beat up and not hold very well.

Prices include all the hardware for installation.

Dezus fastener type: $199.95 per pair with hardware

Screw type: $189.95 per pair with hardware

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Convertible Top Covers

We all know that these British cars leak no matter how snug the tops are and how well the windows or side curtains fit. These are made with a premium waterproof vinyl and are designed to keep water out of your car during a storm when your car is caught out in the parking lot with no cover. All seams and straps are held together with a high strength stitch and the straps are designed to tie securely to your car.
The covers fit the following:
-Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger
-MG Midget
-AH Sprite

Only $99.95 shipped to you!

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Luggage Rack Straps

These straps are made to attach items such as a cooler or suitcases to your luggage rack securely and without damaging the finish. $24.95 plus shipping. Contact us for purchase or to learn more